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Racing has been a part of me my entire life. In December 2001 l got a PlayStation 2 as a Christmas present alongside F1 2001 video game, l was instantly hooked. I played it non-stop for days and months. Each following year l bought the succeeding F1 game.  Alongside F1, l played other racing games such as rally and touring car games. One thing that frustrated me even back then was the controller. I wished l could have a proper wheel and a set of pedals for those games. Patiently l waited, playing racing games nowadays categorized as "arcade" with a controller. Driver for - ----------------------------------------------------------------- Achievements: ~~~~ VRSGT World Championship Series ~~~~ 2019  [3rd]      GTE Road to Pro    (Vendaval Simracing) 2019  [10th]    BMW M8 GTE        (Vendaval Simracing) ~~~~ Hosted Leagues/Series ~~~~ 2018  [4th]   FR2.0     Trellet Formula Season 18  2018  [1st]   iRX         FISRA Rallycross Series KRX 2019  [2nd]  GT3        Trellet GT Season 20   2020  [1st]   GTE        RENGAS TURKU 24H       2020  [1st]   GTE        Vauhdin Festivaali 6H of IMOLA 2021  [2nd]  iRX         Arctic eRX Q-race 2021  [7th]   iRX         Arctic eRX P-race 2021  [2nd]  GTE        SportsCarOpen S20/21   2021  [2nd]  GT3        VRS SCO Sprint Masters ~~~~ Official iRacing Events/Series ~~~~ 2018   [8th]   GT3   24h Spa         (Team Buschfink Racing) 2019   [9th]   GTE   24h Daytona       (Vendaval Simracing) 2019   [3rd]   GTE   12h Sebring        (Vendaval Simracing) 2019   [1st]   GTE     6h Watkins       (Vendaval Simracing) 2019   [4th]   GT3   24h Spa               (Vendaval Simracing) 2019   [5th]   GTE   10h RAtlanta      (Vendaval Simracing) 2020   [3rd]   GTE   12h Sebring        (Vendaval Simracing) 2020   [11th]  GT3   24h Spa                                      (KOVA) 2020   [3rd]   GTE   10h RAtlanta                              (KOVA) 2020   [3rd]   GT4   Porsche Esports Sprint Challenge 2020   [2nd]  GTE   BMW 120 - Interlagos               (KOVA) 2021   [4th]   GTE   24h Daytona                               (KOVA)